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Nils Eikelenboom



Nils Eikelenboom studied Graphic Design at St. Joost, Academy of Art in the Netherlands. Between 2007 and 2009 he fulfilled his role of Art Director at Océ.  In that time he has been a key player in further developing the Océ brand online. A major achievement was the development of the visual identity for Océ’s online communication like websites and newsletters. The online visual identity is still used today (2012) and Océ (now a Canon company) still roles out new websites according the guidelines defined by Nils  in 2009.

Nils founded Studio DimSum at the end of 2009 and moved to Shanghai, China with his wife Ming Eikelenboom-Zeng. Even before his migration, Nils was constantly researching graphic design, photography and means of marketing communications in China. Now once settled, this research could be deepened and trying to understand the Chinese culture in daily life became an essential part as well, something one cannot learn by reading or visiting as a tourist alone.

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