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Studio DimSum designs and develops online communications like websites and newsletters.

Graphic Design

The design of a website or newsletter involves graphic design disciplines like typography, representation of identity or brand, developing grids and columns and defining page layouts. Studio DimSum professionalized the graphic design for websites and newsletters and makes a full integration with functional design.

Functional Design

Every website that should be taken seriously starts with a functional design. Time and space are the most valuable aspects of successful online communication. Studio DimSum will make sure that all of the time and space is used wisely and well thought out.

Content Management System

The studio has experience with creating websites with the WordPress content management systems (CMS). WordPress was originally developed as a blog system but in the recent years it proved to be a very good alternative for the expensive content management systems within smaller settings. It’s one of the most used CMS in the world. With a very short learning curve and unlimited possibilities of extending, are our customers utterly satisfied with our WordPress driven sites. Studio DimSum creates Wordpress based websites from scratch, developing the whole frontend in-house. By doing so did the studio gained full control over the code, making it able to use it to its full extent.